In this blog, I’m discussing how your business has its own energy body, and why it’s different to your energy body. 

I’m also going to talk about how blocks in your business’s energy body can affect the success of your business.

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Many people aren’t aware that, like you, your business has an aura and chakras. 

This is because it is an entity. 

As soon as anything forms in some way and becomes an entity, it has its own energy body. 

You would think that it would be reflective of you as a female entrepreneur – you’ve created the business and it came from your idea, so surely the energy body of your business would reflect your energy body, right? 

Maybe in the very initial stages, this is true. But as soon as anyone else has anything to do with your business, their energy has gone into your business.

This could be from your partner who suggested the name for your business. Whether you took it on or not, some energy’s gone in there. Or perhaps your friend who helped you brainstorm your branding colours.

Other people usually have input even in the early stages of business. 

You might have a few people that you start to practise with as clients – their energy body goes in. Then as you start to get paying clients – definitely their energy is going in all the time. 

Eventually, you might get to a point where you have a business mentor – their energy’s going in. You may have a VA – their energy goes in. And so on…

As the business expands, more and more people are contributing to the energy body of your business. This is all well and good, as long as all of those people resonate with you. 

This is where the challenges can be. 

Firstly, how does the energy body of the business get blocks? 

Well for one, especially initially, it’s going to take on your blocks. You have such a close collaborative relationship with your business, that your blocks will very often reflect in the business as well. 

If you’ve got challenges in your base chakra, around security, stability, money, and the foundations in your life, that will also reflect in your business. So your blocks will still transfer over to the business. 

And then someone comes in to do some work behind the scenes in your business. Maybe they’ve been through a very challenging time in their life, their heart is quite shut down, and they’re really not able to receive freely. If they are creating in your business and contributing, then that energy is getting passed into your business as well. 

So it’s the accumulation of all these energies. 

And it’s the same with clients. Some clients fully resonate with you, they’re who you really want to work with, and they’re beautiful and supportive of your business’s energy body. And there may be others that, particularly in the initial stages, you might take on that aren’t aligned with you, that are bringing a bit of their crap in and leaving it in your business. 

This is why it is vital that you not only look after your energy body, but you also look after your business’s energy body. 

So how can you help keep your business’s energy body as clear as possible? 

1. Keep your energy body as clear as possible

You obviously have such a close relationship with your business, so make sure you’re looking after yourself energetically. 

Make sure you’re clearing your aura, and that when blocks come up – if you can’t shift them yourself – that you have some help and support in clearing that old dense energy out so that it’s not transferring across to your business. 

So look after yourself. 

2. Clear your business’s energy body

For example, before and after a session, you might energetically protect yourself.

You might already do that automatically with clients, by doing a little cleanse, grounding, or anything that you may do prior to a session. And when you finish with your client, you might do a quick little cleanse – however that looks for you. 

It could be that you just imagine a white light around you. Whatever your intention is, you can use so many different tools. 

Everyone has different things that work for them. 

You can do exactly the same thing for your business. When you’re doing that for yourself, imagine or visualise or just state that you’re doing it for the business as well. This will ensure that the business isn’t taking on any of that client’s energy, or any of the energy of someone doing behind the scenes work for you.

That’s a simple intention that’s very easy to do. If you do it for yourself, do it for your business as well. 

3. Declutter

Make sure you are clearing out: 

  • Old client files
  • Old photos that you don’t use anymore
  • Downloads that you don’t use anymore
  • Services that are still there – even if they’re not visible at the front end, they’re still in the back end

Clear that crap out. 

Clear the old stuff out. Anything that’s going to pull your business back into older energy, clear it out. 

Keep all the energies current in your business. 

That’s a really integral part of keeping a business’s energy body clear, and many people don’t even think about that.

So these are three things that you can do that can be really helpful to keep your business’s energy body as clear as possible. 

And that allows for the business to move into its own evolution in a really clear and empowered way without holding on to all the old stuff. 

This is something to be aware of if your business has morphed from something else, or if it’s essentially the same business but it changed direction, or you might have learned some new tools, or you have a completely different target market now. Just be aware that it could still be holding old stuff from its former life. 

Clearing all of that out is vital. 

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